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The freedom to learn

The next leap forward in microscope-based learning doesn’t involve a microscope at all. Microscopy Learning Systems adds an element of freedom to education. No need to head to the lab or pre-schedule slides or teaching assistance. Escape the lab and gain the knowledge with MLS’s Web-based Hematology slide education

Wherever students access the Web, they can study, practice and enhance their cell identification skills. MLS’s “virtual microscope” allows students to track their progress, check comprehension and supplement classroom learning.

The freedom to teach

Teaching is no longer limited to lecture and lab time. MLS’s detailed feedback allows real-time evaluation of progress in ways not possible in a traditional lab. When a student misidentifies a cell, you’ll know. In turn, you can customize curriculum for each class, introducing and reviewing concepts as you see fit.

And here’s the best part. Homework and exams are automatically scored. Finally, you can spend time teaching instead of grading.

Students are free to learn and discover. Teachers are free to guide and teach. Microscopy Learning Systems isn’t “just as good” as microscope learning. It’s better. Ready to bring the future of microscope-based learning to your veterinary program? Contact MLS to learn more and schedule a demonstration.

How MLS works

Students select a slide from canine, feline, equine and avian varieties from our Web-based Hematology lab application. Each high-definition slide duplicates the microscope experience with stunning detail by taking advantage of the latest imaging, computer and tablet displays. Slides are available in magnifications up to 100x.

Practice tests are limitless. Scores are instant. And misidentified cells are immediately brought to students’ attention with the correct identification. MLS makes learning Veterinary Hematology easier, accessible and efficient.